Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer 2013: A Trip to Vigan (Day 2 and 3)

My second day in Vigan was really the gist of our trip. This was the day that we went all over Vigan. First, we went to Bantayan Bell Tower, Baluarte, Hidden Garden, Syquia Mansion, Burgos Museum and Crisologo Museum.

Vigan mostly has museums, due to its rich history. So Our over all trip was mostly museum visits. I don't mind that because it helped me appreciate how rich our country's history is. So here are some pictures to summarize my trip to Vigan. :)

My breakfast, courtesy of Corillera Inn

Bantayan Bell Tower

View from the top. :)




Some Pictures in the Burgos Museum


Last Breakfast in Vigan. :(

 Poki-poki. :)

Gov. Crisologo's Typewriter 

Our trip was really fun. I was really thankful to my Aunt and Uncle for having me come with them. I enjoyed the food in Vigan. I really love their longganisa, their Ilocos empanada and Chichacorn(Soooooo Addicting!).hahahaha. I hope that I can come back to Vigan next time and  stay there longer.  
'Til my next blog. 
<3 Camile

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Food Trippin': Coffee Break

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since my last post. I was busy lately and preoccupied with finding a hospital for me to apply or train on. Anyways, This coffee shop is located in Calle Crisologo, Vigan. My cousin and I use to chill here whenever we have spare time during our trip to Vigan. I am a certified coffee lover so anywhere there is coffee, I am there. hahaha.

What a cute display.

Pictures of their customers.

Their freedom wall. You can post anything you want. :)

The place is very cozy. :)

Banana Toffee Nut

Black Forest

Choco Macadamia Nut


The prices of the coffee are really affordable. It ranges from P40-140. Their best sellers are Choco Macadamia Nut, Cookies and Cream, Black Forest, and Mocha Mint.  A must try in there is Rice coffee, Tsokolate, and Soya coffee. Sadly, I did not try any of the three. :(  i hope you try them and tell me how they taste. :) They offer food like pesto pasta, corned beef pandesal, and many more choices. The don't offer cakes though. When we were there they only offer bibingka and braso de mercedes. 

Overall, the coffee was okay. It's not starbucks good but I still recommend you to try their coffee if you go to Vigan. :) 

'Til my next blog. Byerrssssss. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer 2013: A trip to Vigan (Day 1)

It's been weeks since my last post. I was busy ( i think?) hahahaha. My uncle, auntie, cousin and I went to Vigan for vacation. I was lucky because my Aunt asked me to come with them. It was really a family vacation but the let me tag along with them.The trip going to Vigan from Manila was 10 hours. My butt really aches for sitting that long.  It was a 3 days 2 night stay. We left Manila at 4:00 in the morning of April 5. We arrived at Vigan at 3:00 pm. We stayed at Cordillera Inn. It is located along Calle Crisologo which makes it very convenient for walking around. Many souvenir shops nearby, walking distance to restaurants and fast food.

The History of our Hotel.
Calle Crisologo

Hi horsey. :)

I am super wasted here. hahaha. This is what a 10 hour trip do to you. ahaha

Yes, there is a club there. hahaaha.
I want to have this at our house. 

For our first day, we just strolled around Calle Crisologo and just chilled at a coffee shop located near our hotel. I will blog about that coffee shop one of these days. Anyway. This was the summary of my first day at Vigan. I will tell you about my second day tomorrow.  

Until my next blog. Byerrssssss. :)