Saturday, March 23, 2013

Skin care review: Garnier's Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream

Hi everyone. :) this is my first blog and I'm really excited to post about this product. So here it goes. :)

My friend from college told me that this was effective for her so I bought one. I have an oily skin and it really sucks that i have breakouts every now and then. When my pimple subsides it leaves some nasty dark spots that really bothers and annoys me. So I was really excited to try this product.

The ingredients of the product.

It comes in a 20 mL tube which is convenient and handy to bring anywhere.


  • It has SPF and PA++. (Yey!)  
  • It's quick absorbing.
  • It leaves a matte finish. 
  • It makes my skin glow.  
  • It has a quite strong smell.  

Overall,  I am loving this product. So far, I am not breaking out and my dark spot are lightening a bit. :)  

That's it for now. :) Byerrrsss. 

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  1. hi ..i just bought one yesterday..i also have oily skin and whenever i have pimples, it leaves dark spots behind so hope this works.. :)